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There is a high demand for servers in every field, weather it is an enterprise , a private company , a school, an institute, a library, or a locol shopping complex. In todays world data mangement and security is a primary concern. We provide not only Servers for all needs but also customised solution to support your business needs..

Low Range Servers

Powerful Entry Level Server with expansion capabilities as required

  • HP ML 10
  • HP ML 110
  • Dell Poweredge T30

Mid Range Servers

Powerful machines to support critical processes in large organisations

  • HP ML 350
  • Dell T430
  • Lenovo Thinkcenter E73
  • IBM X3550

High End Servers

Powerful High end machines to support critical data and large networks

  • Dell Poweredge R620
  • HP DL360 G6
  • HP DL380 G6

Our pre sales experts can find you the best hardware related for your work - so that your work doesn't suffer!

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Our Network Support

Installation and customised Configuration of Server 2012 R2 or higher
Active directory domain services for centralized authentication (login).
Enabled Group Policy to provide minimum access to their PC
Restriction USB devices (Smart phone, pen drive, optical disk)
Restrict users to save the file on their system to protect against data leakage.
Block Application on users PC like notepad, WordPad, third party Browser
Data storage : Network drive and shared folder
Network Operation system and application s/w installation (WDS)
Remote Access Support
Work Log
Managed Local Chat Server (Openfire server) will have some better features than unmanaged LAN messenger
FTP Server
Internet Connection failover
Load balancing
Intrusion Prevention System
Web Filtering

Mail Server
Linux Mail Server
Microsoft Exchange Server

Server Virtualization is the practice of abstracting the physical hardware resources of compute, storage and networking of a host server and presenting those resources individually to multiple guests virtual Servers contained in separate virtual environments. We use virtualization platform to Transform standardized hardware into this shared resource model that is capable providing solutions around availability, security and automation.
Our comprehensive network management services & Key Benefits of Server Virtualization Decrease your energy consumption and the cost that is incurred when powering a large number of servers. Increased Application Availability: With the ease of creating backups of your virtual environments, service interruption is greatly minimized. Server Consolidation: Reduce the number of physical servers by increasing server utilization, which provides savings in energy, optimizes network infrastructure, and increases application availability. Server Deployment: Increase server deployment by easy duplication of standard virtual server builds Desktop as a Service (DaaS) - desktop virtualization without the need to install and maintain equipment or make capital investments.

Backup and Disaster Recovery
Business continuity and disaster recovery goes beyond a defined process or plan. It is in fact a state of being for a business. When full business continuity and/or disaster recovery is achieved, it fully prepares a business to not only recover from a disaster, but also protects the business from the adverse effects of that disaster.
With ABX Backup & recovery techniques, you have easy, trouble-free and reliable data protection for endpoints. This can be deployed and activated automatically within seconds, so that your data will be stored under the highest security standards and high availability. You can be assured that your data is stored securely and in case of distress from any location and can be achieve at any time.
Real-Time Managed Backups – This is an incremental methodology captures all changes in increments on real-time basis.
Full Hard Drive Images – We generate an image of all hard drive partitions. The data is stored AES-256 bit encrypted and compressed, reaching efficiencies as high as 2:1.
24×7 Proactively Managed Backup Solution – Our support department proactively monitors your backups.

a. Predictive Dialer
A predictive dialer is an outbound call processing system designed to maintain a high level of utilization and cost efficiency in the contact center. The dialer automatically calls a list of telephone numbers, screens the unnecessary calls such as answering machines and busy signals, and then connects a waiting representative with the customer. Using the predictive dialer, contact centers can experience the productivity benefits of automatic dialing while ensuring each connected outbound call is delivered to an available agent. Only dial when agents are ready, ensuring an increase in contact rates and a decrease in abandoned call rates.
b. Inbound / Blended Dialer.
We configure Inbound campaign using Vicidial with IVR funtionality. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) software is a technology that allows Dialer to interact with humans through use of pre-recorded messages or voice file and accept the key inputs (touch-tone keypad selection ) and routes calls to the appropriate recipient. An IVR systems give customers a self-service option to complete steps on their own need of a customer service group being able to contact with right customer care representive efficiently.
c. IVR Blasting (Broadcasting) / Survey cum Feeback campaign.
Using Broadcast campaign, you can tell your people with your voice message and let them press-1 or any number between 0 & 9, to transfer calls to an available agent or ask the caller to leave a message. This capaign can be very helpful to get feedback from the customer in short of time using upload list of thousand custmer contact number.
Major Features:
- Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling
- Outbound agent-controlled, broadcast and predictive dialing
- Full USA FTC-compliance capability
- Web-based agent and administrative interfaces
- Ability to have agents operate remotely
- Integrated call recording
- Three-Way calling within the agent application
- Scheduled Callbacks: Agent-Only and Anyone
- Scalable to hundreds of seats
- Ability to use standard Telco lines and VOIP trunks
- Open-Source GPL licensed, with no software licensing cost

Our pre sales experts can find you the best hardware related for your work - so that your work doesn't suffer!

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