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  • Q. What operating system does the computer come with ?

    We rent hardware. You can install and use your own software/ operating system on those hardware. We can also customize your system and rental plans to include any operating system you want. Just ask your sales rep for specific information. Also, we can pre-load any software package and provide custom configurations.

  • Q. Is shipping or local delivery included in the cost of the rental?

    No, shipping and local delivery is extra and will be determined based on destination and weight of equipment being rented. However for areas in Delhi we do not charge for delivery.

  • Q. Can you pro-rate the rental cost?

    Yes, we do pro-rate short term corporate rentals however for long term corporate rentals we have terms and agreements signed for each order.

  • Q. What kind of documentation is required if we want to rent the computers

    We rent computers only to businesses only.
    Typically we would be requiring following documents to set up a contract:

    >List of Partners/ directors
    >Current lease agreement (of business premise)
    >Photo I cards of all directors/partners
    >Permanent and current addresses of all directors/partners
    >Memorandum of association/ Partnership deed
    >PAN CARD of company/Directors/Partners
    >Purchase order(s)
    >Resolution/ Authorization (copy attached)
    >PDC for 3 months

    On receipt of the documents we shall proceed to sign a formal contract to specify the terms and conditions entailing the rental agreement.

  • Q. Does the laptop have a modem?

    We offer a Most have modems and/or wireless connectivity. Ask your sales rep about specific models.

  • Q.Do you have a rent to own program?

    Yes we may provide with a rent to own plan.

  • Q.How quickly can I get the equipment?

    In many cases we can deliver the same day. Next day delivery is available if you outside one of our local regions.

  • Q.What equipment is included with the computer that is rented?

    All of our products come with basic accessories. Typically a computer shall include the monitor/ TFT, mouse and keyboard. Other accessories like headphone, external drives etc can be added to the order on extra cost.

  • Q.Do you offer technical support?

    We offer technical support 24/7. For a larger contract of 100 computers or more we have an option of stationing a trained support resource at client location.

  • Q.Does the computer have internet access?

    All of our computers have the ability to access the internet via wired and/or wireless connections. We do have many networking device offerings as well, however we do not provide internet access

  • Q.Where are you located?

    We are located in delhi Same day local delivery is available in these regions. Please visit our “Contact Us” page to locate our address.

  • Q. What is the minimum rental period?

    We have monthly & yearly rental rates.

  • Q.Do you rent to individuals?

    No, we rent to businesses only.

  • Q.Who is responsible for the rented equipment?

    We do not offer insurance. You are responsible for the equipment while you are renting and are subject to a replacement cost if the equipment is damaged or stolen.

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